Regain your sense of security after a burglary

If you need a burglary repair today in the Greater London area, we are able to provide one of our master carpenters to carry out a same day door replacement or frame replacement or any repairs required. We can be with you in 15 minutes.

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Any burglary damage is normally covered by your building insurance

It’s all about STRENGTH

Home Office statistics show that 71% of burglars target the doors of a property, usually by forcing a lock. Our experience at ASL is that when burglars choose a property to target, they also assess the vulnerability of other adjacent properties. They may then return at a later date to burgle adjacent apartments or houses, picking the least-secure property as their next target.

By fitting our ASL security door, you will have the best security options available. Not only do we give you a fantastic strong door, but also the very best locks on the market, which are fitted as standard. Doors can be of identical appearance to the one that needs to be replaced, like for like. We can normally supply and fit a door as a same-day service.

If you need a burglary repair today in the Greater London area, we are able to provide one of our master carpenters to carry out a same day door replacement or frame replacement or any repairs required.

Solid Hardwood Security Doors

These are the most popular doors we supply and fit. They are British Standard half hour fire check – thickness 44mm. ASL doors are supplied with all the necessary security features. Panelled doors look attractive but are weaker and less secure. Therefore we do not fit them, but instead supply doors with beading to simulate the panelled appearance.

Above, are the original doors after a burglary has been committed. Note how the wooden doors have been smashed. In the other image you can see the replacement hardwood doors which ASL manufacture and install, these demonstrate how we make every effort to build doors which resemble the original doors, but are far stronger, laminated with a solid core hardwood centre that adds to the overall mass of the door, and also offers fire resistance to 30 minutes.


ASL Locks can supply a variety of premium doors to strengthen the security of you home

Deadbolt locks

We fit Chubb high security deadbolt locks at the top and bottom of the door. These are much better than conventional mortice locks as they have a 22mm hardened hook bolt which is saw and drill resistant.

The hook bolt design functions as anti-jammy protection, because of the way that it locks the door into the frame. Our policy of fitting two ensures maximum security of your door against attack.

These locks are available, like all of our locks and door furniture, in chrome or brass finish.

High-security Nightlatch lock

We fit a 60mm ERA high security rim lock centrally on the door.

This automatically deadlocks when the door is closed, preventing attempted entry by “slipping” of the catch with a card.

Chrome or brass finish.

Door Bars

London Bar
A security reinforcing bar which fits over the staple (keep) of a rim lock or cylinder night latch.
Birmingham Bar
Dual purpose security bar for the hinge side of the door frame – or for the lock side if only mortise locks have been fitted.


Another view of our superior Chubb deadbolt locks, showing the escutcheon lockguard which we fit as standard around the locks.

These reinforce the door around the lock fitment, by sandwiching the door and lock between very substantial chromed-steel or brass mouldings which are bolted together, through the door, from the inside.

Hinge Bolts

We fit 2 hinge bolts to our doors. These reinforce the hinge side of the door and frame by acting as additional deadbolts which take load off the hinge assemblies in the event of forced attack against the hinge side of the door.

In chrome steel finish.


Three substantial 100mm stainless steel butt-hinges, are fitted to our doors, offering protection against hinge attack.

Titan Doors

ASL’s TITAN Steel Doors are specifically designed to keep burglars out of your home, apartment or office. The Titan Steel Door has the appearance of a luxury wooden door, but the strength of a Safe Vault, far stronger than any wooden door.. Our door uses a unique registered key locking system in which 21 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the steel door simultaneously engage into the solid steel door-frame.

To activate the locking system the key is turned in the lock 3 times – each turn more deeply engages the bolts into the frame. For maximum security and optimum strength, we use a modified fitting technique for partition based walls. Partition walls consist of cladding material, typically plasterboard, mounted on wooden battens which form the core of the wall.

  • Titan doors are manufactured from steel and contain 22 solid steel bolts that engage into the solid steel frame.
  • Over 100 models to choose from, available in any size or colour.
  • Adheres to all safety & fire regulations and will not warp or rot.
  • For more information about ASL Titans Steel Security Door, please go to –


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